Save 70% of inspection time with SnapInspect. Conduct and manage pre-arrival, cleaning and maintenance inspections. Gain real insight to aid in finding compliance issues and minimise liability. Eliminate any tedious back office work, automatically group maintenance issues and calculate costs.

Commercial Real Estate Inspection Software | SnapInspect

Apps for iOS or Android

  • Conduct inspections onsite completely offline

  • Use our pre-built checklist or bring your own one over we will replicate it

  • Set up your own ratings, records comments, photos, videos, signatures and costs within the app

  • Maintenance Inspections, Move In/Out, Annual, Inventory and QA Inspections

  • Auto Text and Voice Dictation to increase productivity and reduce typing errors

  • Photo Annotations to point out maintenance and defects

  • Download report in PDF or MS WORD Document

Customized Reports and Forms

Use our pre-made industry proven templates to get you on the ground running. Or use our checklist editor to create your very own template. Create professional & comprehensive reports which accurately adheres to inspection regulations and state specific code. Customize any visual element, any colour theme to match your branding requirements. Implement your own formula for costing and weighted scoring/grading calculations. Wondering if we can implement your report? Send it to us at:

  • Arrival and Departure Inspections

  • Maintenance Reports

  • All health & safety inspections

  • Cleaning & Inventory Inspections

  • Work Orders

Web Management Portal

Manage your inspections process completely online from any computer anywhere in the world. Manage your brand and portfolio, track the overall health of your property portfolio and produce higher quality data saving you time in tracking/reporting.

With our web app for vacation rental managers you will be able to:

  • Create and customize checklists and templates

  • Edit inspections from any web browser

  • 24/7 access and synchronisation with iOS and Android App

  • Central management hub for your inspection operations

  • Business Intelligence providing high quality data on your assets faster and at the right time

  • Integrate work orders

Smarter Work Flow

A SnapInspect Only feature! Create a text based command system to execute follow up actions as soon as the report is generated and uploaded. Smart Work Flow allows you to really streamline your inspection processes and gives you the ability to boost productivity and your inspection operations across all your offices whether it be local or global.

Smarter Emails

Automate customisable emails to the owner to portray property conditions, to the tenant highlighting actionable issues, to the contractors for work order creation & follow up.

Maintenance Follow Up

Automatically schedule your next inspection based the inspection condition or from the custom trigger you’ve set up.

Schedule & Map Routes

Submit Maintenance Issues with information on Action Required, Priority and Photos + Videos to highlight the issue. Furthermore, integrate with your work order system.


Grade your inspections by assigning criteria that dictates the end condition of the property. Create your own formula to score inspections. Add a costing field to your checklist and let SnapInspect will do the maths for you.

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